400% increase in sales volume along with a 25% reduction in cost

Profits at Level 2 itself ROAS of 5 within 2 Months with Insane Marketers

About the Client

Founded in 2008, Malkansview is the house of various trainings ranging from Stock Trading, Momentum trading,  options trading, and personal development for wealth creation. Founded by the exotic pair- Vishal and Meghna Malkan, it’s an institute that inspires millions of people from various walks of life through its live seminars, workshops, videos, and online courses.

Being India’s leading training institute on stock trading with 5 Start Reviews on Google, with 200,000 Students in India, they’re now on a mission to Change the Way India Trades, and ‘Insane Marketers’ is with them on this Mission.


Stock Market Trading and Investing

Before joining Insane Marketers:

Malkanviews being a leading and an already established Institute with high Brand Value, did fairly well when it came to Sales of their Webinars and Courses.

But with the onset of issues like

  • Increasing competition in the coaching and online courses industry
  • The nature of the stock market industry and its association with high risk
  • And the lack of expertise working with other agencies
  • The high investment cost of Rs.1Cr+ with negative ROAS at levels 1 and 2

Before joining Insane Marketers:

They discovered that they struggled with achieving their set targets for Q1 in terms of profitability, lead volume, and scalability.

And they somehow wanted the next fiscal Quarters of 2022 to be Different, Profitable, and Uplifting for their business.That’s when the Malkansview team contacted Insane Marketers.

After partnering with Insane Marketers:

We started the project with one single funnel that included a low ticket Level 1- Online Live Webinar priced at Rs.99/-

We started this as phase 1 to solve the lead volume and profitability issues. With the strategy to launch and test the following in the second phase:

  • Automated webinar
  • Offline webinar
  • Direct selling

Before joining Insane Marketers:

Based on the availability of coaches, Vishal and Meghna, Live webinars were scheduled every 4 days, with the effort of automating the best out of the first 4 for the best results.

The Insane Marketers team along with the Malkansview team put in a lot of effort into the content research, development part and the creative strategy to bring in perfection for the performance ads maintained to sustain the KPI’s that were set.

Copywriting and Ads Content Strategy and Results:

We started out the Ad accounts from scratch and had no clarity or data on Google Analytics, or Facebook Dashboard to do Creative Analysis and Content Planning in terms of what exactly would work for this client. But with proactive research of the client's audience, product, and competitor analysis, the Copywriting team was able to come up with some great ideas and angles for the Ads content. The project was successfully launched in June end with 5 Ad Creatives. Out of which 4 turned out to be winners. 

These top-performing winner Ad videos gave us 5067 purchases in one month at a CPA lower than the webinar ticket price of Rs. 99. Thus solving the high lead volume issue for the client. Thus giving us an overall positive ROAS at the first level itself. 

Media Buying and Webinar Strategy and Results:

On the media buying strategy side, as soon as the best performing Live Webinar funnel was automated we got an average conversion rate of 3% at Level 1 to attend the Webinar.

At Level 2 Upsell, due to high quality leads from Ads, great offers, and as a result of setting the right expectations with the audience via Facebook and Google Ads targeting the Live webinar got a conversion rate of around 5% at Level 2 for an Upsell Product cost of Rs.24k.

Thus with an overall investment of Rs. 20 Lakhs on Ad Spends since launch, the client started to see a Profit of 1Cr+ at Level 2 itself.   

The profitability and scalability part was resolved at the first stage itself where the overall CPA to date for Level 1 was maintained at the webinar ticket price of Rs. 99. With over high profits achieved in 60days in Q2 and Q3.

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