How To Use Pinch To Zoom Feature For Your Instagram Marketing

Pinch to Zoom Feature Instagram Marketing

2016 has been a big change for Instagram. A lot of awesome updates has been rolled out, and it seems they are coming with more every week.

So after they rolled out Instagram Stories, they just introduced pinch to zoom feature for Images and Videos. Now the user will have the capability to zoom in the photos and videos in the Instagram app.

This is what Instagram Said on their Account:
“Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt. Over the past six months, you’ve seen many exciting changes come to Instagram, from a new icon to longer videos and even a new way to share everyday moments with Instagram Stories. And as things change, we’re still focused on improving the core parts of Instagram. Zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS. Zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks.”

This is one of the features which has been most requested on Instagram and finally people can access it.

Below is the video of how to use pinch to zoom on Instagram (by Petapixel):

Instagram images are uploaded at 1080px width, and it has a zooming limit.
If you are an iOS user, then you can start using this feature from today and for Android users, you will have to wait for few weeks.

How can you use this feature to market and gain attention?

Pinch to Zoom on Instagram can be a very handy feature when it comes to marketing.

Since this is a new feature so users will love to interact with posts which requests pinch to zoom. Using it right now will give you:

  • Extra Exposure
  • Improve Engagement

So here are some tactics on how you can use this feature to get attention of your users:

Start Using #zoom or #instazoom in your posts.

Just after Instagram rolled out this feature, people started using #zoom and #instazoom in their posts. #zoom has more than 1 million posts, and it got viral after this update. SO if you use this hashtags then people will respond and will zoom your posts/video.

1. Hide your message

Hide your message in your image and ask your followers to zoom it if they want to see this. eCommerce brands can use this to their advantage. They can hide coupon codes in the image and their followers to zoom to get the discount on their products.

2. Create Hype for new products

If you are planning to launch a new product, then you can use this feature to give your followers goosebumps. Ask your user to zoom your photos to have the first glimpse of your products.

3. Show multiple products

If you are into eCommerce, then you can upload various products together and then ask your users to zoom and have a closer view of all of your store product. This is a real fun way to show your products to your followers.

4. Run contest

Hide question or puzzles in your images and your followers to answers all the question or solve all the puzzles. Followers who will solve all of the first will get a prize.

Below are eight brands who are doing well with Instagram Pinch to Zoom.


1. Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka has used it very wisely. When you zoom the image, then you will Map of Iceland reveals most famous landmarks.


🔎 🔎 to see how Iceland packs a lot in a small country. #instazoom

A photo posted by Reyka Vodka (@reyka_vodka) on


2. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness have put the image of Magnifying glass and wrote a message on it. They have also used #instazoom in their caption.


…For one day you may realize they were big things. 🔎 #InstaZoom #MondayMotivation

A photo posted by Planet Fitness (@planetfitness) on


3. Ford Argentina

Ford Argentina posted a catalogue of cars. You can see the description of calls when you zoom and see each and every car.


4. Boutique For A Week

Boutiqueforaweek has put a message about the contest which they will conduct. They have used the zoom feature to create hype in their audience. They have mentioned the zooming can get their audience an early shopping pass.


5. The Cheeze cake factory

The Cheeze cake factory has turned the zoom feature into a game. They have put a cake twice in the image, and their followers have to identify and name it.


A cheesecake so nice, we put it here twice! Zoom in and find which cheesecake appears twice in our picture. Can you name it? 🔎

A photo posted by The Cheesecake Factory (@cheesecakefactory) on


6. Angietribecatbs

Angietribecatbs in their post are asking their followers to zoom and find out what is written in their post.


7. Noosa Yogurt

Noosa Yogurt has hidden a message and which can be seen when their followers pinch and zoom the post.


What do cows say when they play hide-and-seek? Hint: pinch and zoom to find out.

A photo posted by noosa yoghurt (@noosayoghurt) on


8. Lime-A-Rita

Bud Lite has use zoom feature to create awareness and hype about their new product. Their caption is ‘Our new flavour is just a pinch away,’ this call to action encouraged the user to zoom and have a closer view of the new product.

Are you #MargaReady? Our new flavor is just a pinch away. Zoom in and find out what it is.

A photo posted by Lime-A-Rita (@lime_a_rita) on


Let us know how do you plan to use this feature in your business?