How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Instagram Stories feature

Instagram has rolled its dices again.

In an outstanding way to encourage its users to create and share more content on Instagram, Instagram Stories has officially been rolled out, a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours.

Instagram stories appear right at the top of the feed, your followers will eventually see them without you needing to make another profile for your audience

It definitely solves a lot of problem for the people who love to post loads of content of everything and anything in their lives, but in a good way and not just bombing the account, as it a Big No- on Instagram

Instagram Stories will appear just above your feed. When someone has a colorful ring around their profile photo then there is a story that person has uploaded.

To view anyone’s story you need to just click on their profile photo, You will then be able to look at all the photos or videos that person has put up in the last 24 hours. These images/videos will play in the chronological order.

But remember the story with the images/video play in a chronological order but the stories on your feed will appear in the way you interact with the profile. The more you engage with any profile the more you will be seeing stories of the certain profile.

Once you have viewed a story there are certain things you can do, Like
swipe to go to another person’s story, you cannot like or comment on any story but you can check who has viewed your story and the people can comment but it will go to your Direct message only.

So chill no one to judge in public. 🙂

So the question that arises here is that How is Instagram Stories Beneficial for Business Profiles?

Well, read ahead to Find Out!

Instagram Stories is a new era which is viral but has to still figure out what more can be done with it. These are the few things that you can nail for your Business Profile on Instagram

You can use Instagram Stories For-

1. Behind the scenes-

You can post photos or video about behind the scenes as to what is happening in your company, all the fun, for example, anything regarding your personal life, be it your dog, family or personal hobby.

People get connected and feel present in a lively account.

2. Give Knowledge –

Short videos on what you can achieve with your company and what is the benefit they will get if they go for you.
Case studies of past success which they have achieved with your business. This point you can use as many times during the day to give out knowledge to your followers. The more content, the more knowledge, and the more knowledge the more trust.

3. Beat the algorithm –

Instagram shows your stories to the people in accordance to the engagement on it and not chronically. SO you need to post a lot of fun and unique story based content on your profile to be engaging in all your followers’ feed.

The more views you have, the more your stories are visible the more visibility the more people will bounce to your profile.

4.Q and A-

You can have a good interactive session with the people by asking them to question you anything about your business by direct messaging you. And you can answer each question by answering them by personally mentioning them in your next video.

This will help you interact and educate your followers and people who are interested but are not educated about you.
Interactive and exciting contests are also fun to do.

5.Add- On Promotion-

Lastly, the Instagram stories can be your add-on promotion funda. Example, you have scheduled a webinar and for the last minute enrollments, you can crash a small hyped video making them enroll. You have launched any sale or offer,you can at the last minute give the last Call through your stories.

Instagram Stories hasn’t done any update since its first move but we are expecting a whole lot of more dices to roll in.

That would be all for now regarding the Instagram Stories.

Let me know the ways you are using Instagram Stories.

Any new hacks on Instagram stories please feel free to share below in the comment now.