How To Run Instagram Ads Using Your Ad Manager

Run Instagram Ads Using Ad Manager

Instagram has grown to be a dominant networking platform for users and marketers in the last few years, but all was not enough till you had the targeting right regarding the audience.

Marketers who are used to planning and analyzing their activities according to the targeted audience, felt something missing in their bowl of the active audience.

Instagram Ads is nothing newly viral in the market but yes it is something that not all can walk through easily.

Let me tell you Instagram advertising gives businesses and brands an effective way to increase visibility and connect with their customer more closely.

In this article, I will guide you step by step how to start off with your first Instagram ads.

Step 1

Connect your Instagram Account To Your Facebook
Before you can start with anything you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This enables you to use Facebook Power Editor to run ads.

How to do it

1. Go to your Facebook Page
2.Click on Settings on the top right-hand corner.
3.Then in the left-hand column click Instagram Ads
4.Then click Add Account on your right-hand.

Screenshot - How to add Instagram account in facebook ad manager

Now you have 2 option.

1. If you have an existing Instagram Page.
2. If you don’t have an existing Instagram Page and want to create a new.

Screenshot - How to add Instagram account in facebook ad manager - step 1Option 1- If you have an existing account

Screenshot - How to add Instagram account in facebook ad manager - step 2Option 2– If you want to create an account.

You will see both the options and you can go according to the situations you are in.

Once all is done and said then you are free to run Ads on your facebook Page and the same will show on your Instagram.

Step 2

Ad Types

For Instagram Ads, you can choose any of the objectives given by Power Editor.
1.Video View
2. Website Clicks
3.Page Post Engagement
4.Website Conversion
5.Mobile App Install
6.Mobile App Engagement

Screenshot - Choose objective of Ad in power editor for Instagram AdTypes of Objective Options

The rest is the same just like the Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads have lately worked wonders in the objective of Video views.

Step 3

Target Right

With Instagram Ads, the targeting is the same as the Facebook Ads.
In the Targeting section you will have all the options but according to the research the required Demographics that you need to keep in mind is the Age, Gender, Location and obviously the Interest that you put in.

Screenshot - Targeting audience for Instagram Ad in power editorKnow your Targeted Audience

Step 4

Importance of Visual

Attractive and engaging content is the deadline on Instagram. So the posts that you run ads on are going to be seen by the exact narrow targeted audience, So having the post look at its best is the most important fact. Since Instagram is a visual platform you need to stick to its best agenda.

Importance of visuals on Instagram
Biostrap on its account posts really attractive and beautifully engaging posts in promoting its product.

Step 5


The magic of hitting human psychology is the CTA- Call To Action.
Since Instagram, Ads has not yet hit the limit of 20% text rule. You have the freedom to use the post to its utmost. This will help you to communicate more about yourself and include a Call to Action too.

Screenshot - Use of Call to Action in Instagram ads

The CTA- Call To Action is important to let your viewer know what to do.

With all in place, comes the main plot is Setting Up the Instagram Ads In your Ad Manager.

Let’s Begin

Go to-

Screenshot - Ad Accounts in Business Manager
Click on the Ad Account you want to use. Follow images well for better understanding.


Then go to Power Editor. This you will find once you click the Ad account.

Screenshot - Create Campaign in Power Editor

Once you have clicked on Power Editor you will land on the ad creation page.
On your left end side, you will see Create Campaign. Before that let me tell you what these numbers in the image are.
1.Ad Campaign
2.Ad Set
By clicking on these you will have all the respected things you looking for.

Screenshot - How to Create Campaign in Power Editor

Once you click on Create Campaign you will have a pop up of this.
Fill up all the required. You have the Campaign name, buying type, objective, Ad set name, Ad name.

Screenshot - Setting up Campaign name, buying type, objective, Ad set name, Ad name

Once you click on create after filling up all the required data then the page will look something like this.
When you click on the Campaign you will see the above image. You need to do no changes in this.

Screenshot - Setting up Budget of Instagram Ad in power Editor

The above image is when you click on Ad Set. Here you need to fill in your Budget, your Targeted Interest, Custom Audience, your Demographics.

Screenshot - setting up Interest and Demographics for Instagram Ad in power editor
This is the toolbar above the campaign. You can Duplicate your ads by clicking on it.

Screenshot - Finalizing Instagram Ads

After all, is said and done, when you are ready to run the ad. Click on the right-hand upper corner on review changes and you are good to go.

With the emergence of Instagram Ads and its viral updates, you can definitely do wonders. Remember it’s not the end once you run the ads and you have the audience coming in and engaging with your content, you need to remember the importance to always keep them engaged and happy. Give them the stuff to look and make them interact with you and your content. All the best with running your 1st Ad and let me know what are the situations you are stuck in I will be glad to walk you through it.

If you have any question or experiences please feel free to share it below.