How To Build Your Email List With Instagram

Build Email List with Instagram

Growing your business on Instagram is not limited to gaining likes and followers. Now Instagram is used for the making a good relationship with your audience by which you can drive them where you want..

There are many strategies which are used for growing the account and then selling products but one of the best ways to grow your business using Instagram is to take your relationship with your followers off Instagram and into their inbox.

Even though Social Media is the trend to stay connected and keep an ongoing relationship with your audience. Email has its own importance.

Why is the Email Important?

When you send an email campaign, not everyone will open your email, but at least you know they got it! With social media, and specifically the new Instagram algorithm, you don’t have control over how many of your followers will even see your posts. So, if you’re trying to leverage Instagram for business, capturing the email address of each person that comes across your Instagram feed can help you build your community and, ultimately, grow your business.

Since there are chances that your Instagram audience will miss out on your post due to the new Instagram algorithm, you can easily send all of your important info like upcoming product launches, new arrivals, and your latest blog posts straight to their inbox.

Having a lot of followers on Instagram is great, but if you can also collect their contact information and build a list of emails, you’ll now have the power to reach out to them whenever you want.

There 3 Awesome Ways To Grow Your Email List

1. An Irresistible Opt-In

It is important that your audience feels it from within that they want what you are offering them.

An opt-in offer which nobody will able to resist. You start with thinking about your customer and ideal audience. Then what is the offer which your audience won’t think twice to sign up for?

This is called the Lead Magnet. Yes like a magnet it attracts leads.
It should be something of value that relates to your business. For example, like a Free Ebook, Free video etc.

Your lead magnet doesn’t need to be an eBook, some other examples of free opt-ins are:

i)a coupon or special offer for subscribers
ii)a free download or worksheet
iii)a challenge
iv)a mini-course
v)a free sample

2. Create a Custom Landing Page Only for Your Instagram Followers.

Once you have created the offer all you have to do is now create a custom landing page just for your Instagram audience.

Once they leave Instagram and you direct them to your homepage and they have to look for your sign up that frustrates them and they leave. This is how many leads are lost.

So create an attractive landing page optimize your content in context with the Instagram user coming to your opt-in landing page.

For all the people who know content marketing will know what I am talking about here.

By creating a simple landing page for this one specific lead magnet, you can easily direct your followers to where they should enter their email, with a clear explanation of what they are getting in return.
The more simple it gets, the more the customer enjoys it.

3. Insert a Call-to-Action in Your Instagram Bio


A CTA is the power to your link or may I say your Link’s backbone.

If you are not going to tell your audience what to do they will never know what they have to do.

Remember always think a customer knows nothing about your business. It’s your job to tell them what to do and educate them and gain their trust. You have to make them aware as to what are you doing and how can you solve their problem.

This is just like the 1st Funnel step of any website. (people who have created a funnel for their business will understand this well)

So when someone checks out your Instagram feed for the first time, Your CTA should clearly communicate why they should click on the link in your bio, and what they are going to get when they do. You only have 150 characters to get to the point, and you should use direct sales copy to convince them to take action.

Social media platforms like Instagram will continue to evolve and change, and the fact is that we can’t control. But by leveraging these platforms to collect email addresses, you’ll ensure that you won’t need to sweat it when those inevitable changes to algorithms force us to, once again, rethink our strategies.

I hope this was valuable to you.

Let me know how are you making the best use of the link in your Bio. Share your comment below now.