Facebook Retargeting Ads – Best way to stay visible to your hottest leads and why do you need it NOW!

How would you feel if you are paying to get traffic on your website only to lose them?


The truth is you are currently already doing that.

You are losing 97% of your potential buyers EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

And it’s in your hand to stop that.

Retargeting ads are the way to avoid that.

Do you know the avg. conversion rate in ecomm industry is only 1-2%. Actually, you will hit 2% if you are really really good.

That means you are losing 98-99% of people who visited your website and your brand/product will fade away from their mind in JUST 2-3 days.

You definitely want to AVOID THAT and retargeting ads is the way.

Retargeting audience is just like any other list you have created over time. Email List, Facebook likes or twitter followers.

This audience has never opted for anything but they have shown interest in your content, product or service.

Did you ever shop on Amazon? As soon as you leave Amazon, products you visit starts following you on the whole web?

That’s retargeting!!



I repeat.


Retargeting is newest and most effective way to keep your brand on the top of the mind of your most potential audience, customers and leads.

You should know that your audience doesn’t take action on your website/app on their first visit.

According to various researchers, people engage with your brand at-least 7-8 times before they buy your product.

And retargeting helps you in engaging with your audience again and again and keep your brand on the top of their mind.

I am sure that you use emails for your marketing purposes?

So, What is your email open rates? 10%-20%?

If you are really great in emails then your open rates will be 20%-30%.


With retargeting ads, you can reach up to 97% of your audience. That means 3-4 times of your email list.

And the best part is, you can use rich media like images and videos in retargeting ads. That means you can be very creative and more effective.


According to The Mere-Exposure Effect, more familiarize we are with a brand or a person, more we tend to trust that person or brand.

You know what that means? Just for a couple of dollars a day and you can show your ads to your most potential leads and they will think that you are kind of a big deal because they don’t know that you are showing you ads to just a couple of people.

By just spending 1$ a day, you can reach out to hundreds of potential leads every day and really mold their buying decision in your favor.


case study
We used retargeting ads for 1 of our clients to generate 578 Leads. They were not retargeting people coming to their landing pages via a search engine and other media.

When we overtook the project, the first thing which we did was to start retargeting. From day 1, they started getting 2-3 extra leads and we generated 578 leads in total on 2 months.

So what are you waiting for? Start your retargeting ads and crush your competitors today.