How To Attract 50 Targeted Followers Daily On your Instagram Profile


Instagram- The King Of Engagement

Instagram now being the fastest growing social media platform, is becoming one of the most important marketing platforms for all the businesses and brands who are looking forward to generating leads or building their business on Instagram.

Instagram, the land of more than 500 million active monthly users and Engagement Rate of 2.3% Engagement Rate, surpassing Facebook at .2%

Instagram Engagement RateFig. Instagram Engagement Stats.


Instagram ain’t holding its horses!!

With All These Stats!

Still, Most Brands are drowning!

Why? The question is why are they drowning?

Most of the brands who are marketing on Instagram are doing it wrong.

But, I am not going to be the one take selfie or watch, while you drown.

People Now a days on social mediaFig. Selfie Time?- NO!

I have written this article to tell you about one of the most innovative and unique strategies of Instagram that made me personally Attract 50 Highly Targeted Follower PER DAY.

I am not going to just show you some case study or huge numbers like other people. I am actually going to show you step by step how I did it all.

So Guys, let’s get the ball rolling for your Instagram business profile!

Now listen up really carefully.

This strategy is no Game of Thrones suspense maker, it is a Simple yet, Tricky.

The trick is to get into your hashtags on Instagram, I hope you have your Hashtags Researched and ready, If not go ahead now and Research Your Hashtags For Your Business Profile Now.

Do it Now, So that you don’t miss out the benefits of your Instagram Research in the future and now.

So once you dive into your targeted hashtags you need to go and engage with the targeted audience.

Ok, now that sounds easy or a piece of a cake walk. But it is only easy if you follow the steps below well.

Now I said it’s a cake walk, but I didn’t say the cake didn’t have icing.

To get the best and most out of this strategy you need to do each step wisely and intelligently.

I am implementing this since years and now I can say I have a system which works best and gives the best results.

Just a heads up.

These steps have been made in the period of 2 years and have been tested over and over again.

These are steps which not only give you an average of 50 Highly Targeted  Followers Daily,  but it also helps you in building relation or a strong bond with our audience who eventually buy from you.

Steps To Get 50 Targeted Followers Daily-

Step 1: Researching Your Business Profile Keyword

Go to your Instagram Profile and search for the hashtags which define your business perfectly. By define, I mean the business keyword to your profile.

If you don’t know which hashtags to search or are clueless about your Instagram Business Keyword, then read this article first.

If you know your business Keyword then continue.

Fig. Search the hashtag in the Search Bar Of Instagram

For Example, I have a german shepherd profile and I see german shepherd products on this profile. So my business hashtag would be #germanshepherd because my market is around the people who own german shepherd or who are interested in german shepherd.

Other examples of my business hashtags for my german shepherd profile could be #gsd, #germanshepherdofinstagram, #germanshepherds

Look Below for more examples-

Fig: Some more examples of hashtags

Step 2: Discovering Content Under Your Business Keyword

Now click on the hashtag you just searched. Once you do that then you will be redirected to a page where you will see all the posts in which #germanshepherd has been tagged. You will notice 2 type of posts

  1. Top posts
  2. Most Recent posts

Fig. Top Posts and Most Recent in the highlighted Red Box

Step 3:

Start Liking the posts under the Most Recent section. Keeping a close look at the number of posts you are liking-

a) If your Instagram Business Profile has just started you should only start liking from 60-80 posts in an hour.
b) If your profile has a good amount of followers then you can like around 100-120 posts in an hour.

Example of an Irrelevant Post-

Have a look at the girl’s photo highlighted in RED in the image below.
It is an irrelevant and not at all related to my niche that is the german shepherd.

Fig. Above in the image, the Red Highlighted Box shows an Irrelevant Post.

Example of a Relevant Post-

Have a look at the image below you can see the highlighted red box in that you can see the german shepherds which is relevant to my niche.

Fig. Above in the image, the Red Highlighted Box shows a Relevant Post.

You also want to comment on the post you find really interesting.

But before you dive into Commenting on the posts, you need to keep Certain things in mind.

1. Don’t Sound or Look like a Bot or Automation Tool:

There are many bots and automation tools out there which people use on Instagram to comment on their behalf. You must have noticed that small comments like good, nice, lovely, beautiful etc are almost on each post on Instagram. These are automated posts and these does not carry any value either for you or for your audience. Most of the people are aware of that so you don’t want to fall under the categories of those tools.

You need to avoid sounding and commenting like those bots. You need to be real and personalized. Comment something which carries value for the profile on which you are commenting.

2. Type of comments you should use:

Second thing you need to do is that the comments that you post on your related posts need to be unique and personalized.

The Types of Comments you should use:

  1. Personalised
  2. Questions
  3. Compliments

You really want to be interested in the content you are commenting on. I insist on connecting and relationship builds through your comment because that is the reason you are going to get those followers. Also, a good relationship gets you sale, not random engagement.

Let me make this more clear to you, If I comment on your post in a personalized and connecting way then you are going to feel awesome. You might come back to my profile and if you find my content and profile interesting, you will follow me.

Again, make sure that your comments are connecting and interesting. You are in the fight of getting attention from your targeted audience and if you are not interesting enough then, believe me, they will never follow you.

Dos and DONT’s:

You need to be really careful when you are liking and commenting on the posts. You need to keep a track of the number of times you are doing it. If you are new to strategy then you want to keep the numbers very less.

In 1 hours try not to comment on more than 10 posts and like 80 posts and slowly with time you can increase this to liking 150 posts and commenting on 20 posts.

The reason why I am telling you to be careful with the number of times you like and comment is because usually Instagram starts detecting your activities and thinks you are trying to spam or you are using some bot. So, Instagram blocks your activity for a certain period of time which I bet no one likes. So be careful. Keep the limits in mind and Instagram will reward you.

Repeat this 10 times a day but again if you are just starting out then do this only for 8 times a day and then increase it gradually to 10 times a day.

Note: So if you repeat this 10 times a day then that mean that you will like on 1500 posts and comments on 200 posts. On an average, you engage with more than 1000 different profiles when you do this. SO what you actually did is that you grabbed the attention  of 1000 people who will come to see your profile and would follow you if they find you interesting.

Case Study-

Now I am going to show you one of my client’s sheet where I had done this hack and how I got results.

Below is the screenshot of the client that I did this Growth hack for. The niche was Cat.

Below I have added a screenshot my sheet in which I updated the follower’s increment while performing this strategy. I did this strategy for several months and helped her in getting thousands of followers. She had cat products and she wanted to attract people who own or are interested in cats.

So, I used hashtags which were related to ‘CAT’

Case Study of Instagram Like Comment StrategyFig. Report That I maintain while I performed this Strategy

I received an average of 40-50 followers every day and with this hack. My client attracted thousands of followers and got many sales out of it.

After all the data and stats of my Growth Hack, there will be a lot of questions that will arise in your mind like-

How will this strategy work on my profile?

Will this strategy block my account?

Will I actually get followers?

Let me hold your horses for you. This is a totally safe and organic strategy which has helped many of my clients, students, and readers. I have tested this for 2 years and I am continuously improving this strategy every day.

These are clients with a huge amount of digits in their business which they generate only from Instagram itself. So stay carefree and give this strategy a shot.
Let me know if you have any questions regarding any steps.

That will be all.

Let me know how does this hack work for you. Do reach out to me for any guidance.



Who would have thought that a rejected idea will become one of the most viral features of all major social media (excluding LinkedIn)?

In 2007, Messina proposed the idea of using hashtags to twitter. Folks at Twitter didn’t like the idea and rejected it. But, in October 2007, people started using hashtags in order to group similar minded people and since then the idea took off.

In 2009, twitter adopted the idea and started hyperlinking words with ‘#’ in the tweets. It went so viral that, till 2014, all the major social networks (excluding linkedIn) adopted the concept of hashtags.


If you have seen people using # in front of words (eg: #hashtags or #yourHashtag) on social media like twitter, facebook and Instagram then you know what hashtags are!

On social media, words with # are the way to group a topic together. Generally, the topic is related to the word used after #.

For Example: if you are using #NewYear in your Instagram Posts then your post of your profile is related to new year.


Note: I am discussing the idea behind the hashtags. But, most of the people on social media are using #hashtags in completely wrong manner.

That is why, below in this article, I have covered how to research and take out hashtags which actually matters to your business.

Hashtags are a way to find content, people, and discussion related to a specific topic. The reason behind its virality is that it connects your content to the targeted audience, even those, who are not connected to you on your Instagram profile. Think of each hashtag as a community, where people are discussing that topic.

For Example: If the hashtags are #germanshepherd then it is a community of the people who are somehow connected to german shepherd.

So, to spread their content to a larger audience, people use #hashtags.

FACT: Posts on Instagram with hashtags get higher engagement than posts without hashtags.


If you are someone who is still not using hashtags then you are leaving money on the table. People out there are finding content using hashtags. Creating communities, building business relationships and generating $$$$$$ out of it.


  1. People use hashtags to find content, people, and discussions.
  2. Hashtags give your content higher visibility.
  3. Bing, google, and yahoo has #hashtags searches in their algorithm. So, there are high chances that your content might get ranked on search engines for your hashtags
  4. Hashtags on Instagram also HELP YOUR FOLLOWERS to take action on your post. When your followers see hashtags, which interests them on your post then they stop and check the content of the post.
  5. High engagement posts might get on top-posts for the hashtags you attached in that post. You might also end up getting hundreds of new followers instantly.



  1. You can use hashtags to spy on your competitors. I use this all the time. I go on #instagrammarketing or #socialmedia marketing and I see what other people in my niche are posting. What strategies they applying.
  2. You can get ideas about what other people in your niche are posting. Hashtags are not just for engagements, they can be used to find and take out content as well. Once you start researching hashtags then you will find thousands of content which you can create for yourself.
  3. You can also search discussions and engage with your targeted audience. This will help you in building a community.

I always keep an eye on what my competitors in my hashtags are posting. This way I keep myself updated with the trends in my niche (i.e: Instagram Marketing).


I have seen this over and over that people are using hashtags but they are using them in the WRONG WAY. When you use a hashtags in your posts then you want your content to be reached to the RIGHT AUDIENCE.

I Repeat ‘When you use a hashtag in your posts then you want your content to be exposed to the RIGHT AUDIENCE.’

When I say the Right Audience then I mean audience who is interested in your product and could become your customer.


For Example- your business profile is on selling fake eyelashes, your hashtags should be #eyemakeup, lashes, lashesoftheday etc.

But if you’re using something random like #fashion, #makeup etc These are really broad and irrelevant hashtags which will get you wrong audience and expose your post or content to the people who are not entirely interested in eye lashes.

You should be specific about what hashtags you are using on your posts. Most of the people I see are using hashtags in completely wrong manner. That is why I created a method on Instagram to take out hashtags which actually matters to your business.

So hit Below the  Steps and Nail those Top 30 Hashtags for your Instagram Business Profile-


Identify your business and come up with a specific keyword(your niche) which can define your business.

For example:

If you sell german shepherd products online then ‘german shepherd’ is my keyword or niche.


Fig. My German Shepherd Business Profile


Step 2:

Open Excel or Google Sheet. I use google sheet because it is easy to access it on my all devices.

Change the name of the Sheet to ‘Hashtags Research’. Add these 6 heads to first row(image below)

  1. Main Keyword
  2. Posts
  3. List Search
  4. Related
  5. Final Hashtags

Next, add you main keyword in the first keyword in the way displayed below.



 Fig. Image of a Google Sheet That you need to Prepare. Watch out the Red High Lights.


Step 3

Once you created the sheet then go to search section of Instagram(mobile version) and search for the keyword you took out in the first step.

Touch on tags section just below the search bar to get the list of hashtags(image below).

For example I will search for ‘German Shepherd’.


Fig. Searching German Shepherd in the Instagram Search Bar.


Now, you will see a list of hashtags. Note down all the relevant tags in the sheet under the head of “LIST” .You don’t need to pick all of them.

NOTE: Pick only one which has the significant amount of posts (at least 10,000 posts).

In my case:



Fig. I have Copied The List From the Instagram Search to The Google Sheet.


Step 4 

Once you have noted down the hashtags then click on the hashtag you searched for. In my case, I will click on ‘#germanshepherd’.

Now, you will see all the post attached to the hashtag you just clicked on. You will also notice that Instagram will suggest you some related hashtags just above the top posts. Note all the new hashtags(non-repeated) in your sheet(image below) under the head ‘RELATED’.


Fig. Check Out the Related Hashtags in Red High Light.


If you scroll below, you will see a number of posts associated with that hashtags.Write that number in you sheet under ‘POSTS’ section (Image below).


Fig. Check out the Number Of Posts In that Searched Hashtag.


Note: In some cases, you might not see related hashtags. In that case, try another hashtag from the list.

Now you will have a list of hashtags which should look something like this.



Fig.  This is How your Sheet should Look like.


Step 5

Repeat Step 1 – Step 5 for all the new tags. Keep doing this and you will find many hashtags which are UNTAPPED and you can easily rank your posts in top posts for these hashtags.

All the searched hashtags are the hashtags which are actually relevant to your business.

Since you have the list of hashtags. So, now you want to finalize the hashtags you can use

  1. In your posts
  2. Spy on your competitors
  3. Research content
  4. Join Discussion
  5. Find Influencers

When I finished my research for #germanshepherd then I had 58 Hashtags which were relevant to my business. Now It was time to finalize 30 hashtags which I will regularly use in my posts.

For Reference, I am adding the link to the sheet on which I researched hashtags for German Shepherd.

Below are the criteria I use to take out my final list of hashtags.


Once you have the list then you want to remove all the useless hashtags from your post.

1. Make sure the hashtags you are using in your post are related to your posts and your business.

For example, if you are selling german shepherd products online then you should use hashtags like #germanshepherds, #germanshepherdofinstagram, #gsdove.

This way you will only attract the audience which matters to your brand. This audience will stay on your profile. They will engage and will buy from you.

2. This one is very important and I have seen that most of the people do this in the wrong way. Once you have your Hashtags Researched then you should make sure that you are not using very big and broad hashtags. For example, if you are selling german shepherd products and you use hashtags like #dog, #dogs then chances are that no one will see your post. #dogs have almost 24 million posts and if you use broad hashtags like this then your post will get obsolete in just a few minutes.

Not only this, you will also get many ghost/untargeted followers, who will neither engage with your content nor buy from you.

3. You should also avoid using very narrow hashtags. If your hashtags have less than 10,000 posts then you should avoid using it. Unless it is very specific to your brand/niche.

If nobody is using the hashtag you are attaching in your post then your content is not getting visible to anyone.

The best hashtags are the one which is in the neither too broad nor too narrow. Since, most of the people do not know which hashtags are right for them so, using this kind of hashtags will give you a lot of traction.

Take out 22-30 hashtags which fulfill the above criteria and start using them in your posts.

When I finished my research for #germanshepherd then I had 58 Hashtags which were relevant to my business. Now It was time to finalize Top 30 hashtags which I will regularly use in my posts.

Hope this 5 Step Process Of Instagram Hashtags Research Works wonders for you. Hope this was helpful to you. Let me know what more do you wish to see me write about.

Comment Below Now For Any Questions.


How To Use Pinch To Zoom Feature For Your Instagram Marketing


2016 has been a big change for Instagram. A lot of awesome updates has been rolled out, and it seems they are coming with more every week.

So after they rolled out Instagram Stories, they just introduced pinch to zoom feature for Images and Videos. Now the user will have the capability to zoom in the photos and videos in the Instagram app.

This is what Instagram Said on their Account:
“Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt. Over the past six months, you’ve seen many exciting changes come to Instagram, from a new icon to longer videos and even a new way to share everyday moments with Instagram Stories. And as things change, we’re still focused on improving the core parts of Instagram. Zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS. Zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks.”

This is one of the features which has been most requested on Instagram and finally people can access it.

Below is the video of how to use pinch to zoom on Instagram (by Petapixel):

Instagram images are uploaded at 1080px width, and it has a zooming limit.
If you are an iOS user, then you can start using this feature from today and for Android users, you will have to wait for few weeks.

How can you use this feature to market and gain attention?

Pinch to Zoom on Instagram can be a very handy feature when it comes to marketing.

Since this is a new feature so users will love to interact with posts which requests pinch to zoom. Using it right now will give you:

  • Extra Exposure
  • Improve Engagement

So here are some tactics on how you can use this feature to get attention of your users:

Start Using #zoom or #instazoom in your posts.

Just after Instagram rolled out this feature, people started using #zoom and #instazoom in their posts. #zoom has more than 1 million posts, and it got viral after this update. SO if you use this hashtags then people will respond and will zoom your posts/video.

1. Hide your message

Hide your message in your image and ask your followers to zoom it if they want to see this. eCommerce brands can use this to their advantage. They can hide coupon codes in the image and their followers to zoom to get the discount on their products.

2. Create Hype for new products

If you are planning to launch a new product, then you can use this feature to give your followers goosebumps. Ask your user to zoom your photos to have the first glimpse of your products.

3. Show multiple products

If you are into eCommerce, then you can upload various products together and then ask your users to zoom and have a closer view of all of your store product. This is a real fun way to show your products to your followers.

4. Run contest

Hide question or puzzles in your images and your followers to answers all the question or solve all the puzzles. Followers who will solve all of the first will get a prize.

Below are eight brands who are doing well with Instagram Pinch to Zoom.


1. Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka has used it very wisely. When you zoom the image, then you will Map of Iceland reveals most famous landmarks.


🔎 🔎 to see how Iceland packs a lot in a small country. #instazoom

A photo posted by Reyka Vodka (@reyka_vodka) on


2. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness have put the image of Magnifying glass and wrote a message on it. They have also used #instazoom in their caption.


…For one day you may realize they were big things. 🔎 #InstaZoom #MondayMotivation

A photo posted by Planet Fitness (@planetfitness) on


3. Ford Argentina

Ford Argentina posted a catalogue of cars. You can see the description of calls when you zoom and see each and every car.


4. Boutique For A Week

Boutiqueforaweek has put a message about the contest which they will conduct. They have used the zoom feature to create hype in their audience. They have mentioned the zooming can get their audience an early shopping pass.


5. The Cheeze cake factory

The Cheeze cake factory has turned the zoom feature into a game. They have put a cake twice in the image, and their followers have to identify and name it.


A cheesecake so nice, we put it here twice! Zoom in and find which cheesecake appears twice in our picture. Can you name it? 🔎

A photo posted by The Cheesecake Factory (@cheesecakefactory) on


6. Angietribecatbs

Angietribecatbs in their post are asking their followers to zoom and find out what is written in their post.


7. Noosa Yogurt

Noosa Yogurt has hidden a message and which can be seen when their followers pinch and zoom the post.


What do cows say when they play hide-and-seek? Hint: pinch and zoom to find out.

A photo posted by noosa yoghurt (@noosayoghurt) on


8. Lime-A-Rita

Bud Lite has use zoom feature to create awareness and hype about their new product. Their caption is ‘Our new flavour is just a pinch away,’ this call to action encouraged the user to zoom and have a closer view of the new product.

Are you #MargaReady? Our new flavor is just a pinch away. Zoom in and find out what it is.

A photo posted by Lime-A-Rita (@lime_a_rita) on


Let us know how do you plan to use this feature in your business?

How To Build Your Email List With Instagram

Growing your business on Instagram is not limited to gaining likes and followers. Now Instagram is used for the making a good relationship with your audience by which you can drive them where you want..

There are many strategies which are used for growing the account and then selling products but one of the best ways to grow your business using Instagram is to take your relationship with your followers off Instagram and into their inbox.

Even though Social Media is the trend to stay connected and keep an ongoing relationship with your audience. Email has its own importance.

Why is the Email Important?

When you send an email campaign, not everyone will open your email, but at least you know they got it! With social media, and specifically the new Instagram algorithm, you don’t have control over how many of your followers will even see your posts. So, if you’re trying to leverage Instagram for business, capturing the email address of each person that comes across your Instagram feed can help you build your community and, ultimately, grow your business.

Since there are chances that your Instagram audience will miss out on your post due to the new Instagram algorithm, you can easily send all of your important info like upcoming product launches, new arrivals, and your latest blog posts straight to their inbox.

Having a lot of followers on Instagram is great, but if you can also collect their contact information and build a list of emails, you’ll now have the power to reach out to them whenever you want.

There 3 Awesome Ways To Grow Your Email List

1. An Irresistible Opt-In

It is important that your audience feels it from within that they want what you are offering them.

An opt-in offer which nobody will able to resist. You start with thinking about your customer and ideal audience. Then what is the offer which your audience won’t think twice to sign up for?

This is called the Lead Magnet. Yes like a magnet it attracts leads.
It should be something of value that relates to your business. For example, like a Free Ebook, Free video etc.

Your lead magnet doesn’t need to be an eBook, some other examples of free opt-ins are:

i)a coupon or special offer for subscribers
ii)a free download or worksheet
iii)a challenge
iv)a mini-course
v)a free sample

2. Create a Custom Landing Page Only for Your Instagram Followers.

Once you have created the offer all you have to do is now create a custom landing page just for your Instagram audience.

Once they leave Instagram and you direct them to your homepage and they have to look for your sign up that frustrates them and they leave. This is how many leads are lost.

So create an attractive landing page optimize your content in context with the Instagram user coming to your opt-in landing page.

For all the people who know content marketing will know what I am talking about here.

By creating a simple landing page for this one specific lead magnet, you can easily direct your followers to where they should enter their email, with a clear explanation of what they are getting in return.
The more simple it gets, the more the customer enjoys it.

3. Insert a Call-to-Action in Your Instagram Bio


A CTA is the power to your link or may I say your Link’s backbone.

If you are not going to tell your audience what to do they will never know what they have to do.

Remember always think a customer knows nothing about your business. It’s your job to tell them what to do and educate them and gain their trust. You have to make them aware as to what are you doing and how can you solve their problem.

This is just like the 1st Funnel step of any website. (people who have created a funnel for their business will understand this well)

So when someone checks out your Instagram feed for the first time, Your CTA should clearly communicate why they should click on the link in your bio, and what they are going to get when they do. You only have 150 characters to get to the point, and you should use direct sales copy to convince them to take action.

Social media platforms like Instagram will continue to evolve and change, and the fact is that we can’t control. But by leveraging these platforms to collect email addresses, you’ll ensure that you won’t need to sweat it when those inevitable changes to algorithms force us to, once again, rethink our strategies.

I hope this was valuable to you.

Let me know how are you making the best use of the link in your Bio. Share your comment below now.

How To Run Instagram Ads Using Your Ad Manager

Instagram has grown to be a dominant networking platform for users and marketers in the last few years, but all was not enough till you had the targeting right regarding the audience.

Marketers who are used to planning and analyzing their activities according to the targeted audience, felt something missing in their bowl of the active audience.

Instagram Ads is nothing newly viral in the market but yes it is something that not all can walk through easily.

Let me tell you Instagram advertising gives businesses and brands an effective way to increase visibility and connect with their customer more closely.

In this article, I will guide you step by step how to start off with your first Instagram ads.

Step 1

Connect your Instagram Account To Your Facebook
Before you can start with anything you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This enables you to use Facebook Power Editor to run ads.

How to do it

1. Go to your Facebook Page
2.Click on Settings on the top right-hand corner.
3.Then in the left-hand column click Instagram Ads
4.Then click Add Account on your right-hand.

Screenshot - How to add Instagram account in facebook ad manager

Now you have 2 option.

1. If you have an existing Instagram Page.
2. If you don’t have an existing Instagram Page and want to create a new.

Screenshot - How to add Instagram account in facebook ad manager - step 1Option 1- If you have an existing account

Screenshot - How to add Instagram account in facebook ad manager - step 2Option 2– If you want to create an account.

You will see both the options and you can go according to the situations you are in.

Once all is done and said then you are free to run Ads on your facebook Page and the same will show on your Instagram.

Step 2

Ad Types

For Instagram Ads, you can choose any of the objectives given by Power Editor.
1.Video View
2. Website Clicks
3.Page Post Engagement
4.Website Conversion
5.Mobile App Install
6.Mobile App Engagement

Screenshot - Choose objective of Ad in power editor for Instagram AdTypes of Objective Options

The rest is the same just like the Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads have lately worked wonders in the objective of Video views.

Step 3

Target Right

With Instagram Ads, the targeting is the same as the Facebook Ads.
In the Targeting section you will have all the options but according to the research the required Demographics that you need to keep in mind is the Age, Gender, Location and obviously the Interest that you put in.

Screenshot - Targeting audience for Instagram Ad in power editorKnow your Targeted Audience

Step 4

Importance of Visual

Attractive and engaging content is the deadline on Instagram. So the posts that you run ads on are going to be seen by the exact narrow targeted audience, So having the post look at its best is the most important fact. Since Instagram is a visual platform you need to stick to its best agenda.

Importance of visuals on Instagram
Biostrap on its account posts really attractive and beautifully engaging posts in promoting its product.

Step 5


The magic of hitting human psychology is the CTA- Call To Action.
Since Instagram, Ads has not yet hit the limit of 20% text rule. You have the freedom to use the post to its utmost. This will help you to communicate more about yourself and include a Call to Action too.

Screenshot - Use of Call to Action in Instagram ads

The CTA- Call To Action is important to let your viewer know what to do.

With all in place, comes the main plot is Setting Up the Instagram Ads In your Ad Manager.

Let’s Begin

Go to-

Screenshot - Ad Accounts in Business Manager
Click on the Ad Account you want to use. Follow images well for better understanding.


Then go to Power Editor. This you will find once you click the Ad account.

Screenshot - Create Campaign in Power Editor

Once you have clicked on Power Editor you will land on the ad creation page.
On your left end side, you will see Create Campaign. Before that let me tell you what these numbers in the image are.
1.Ad Campaign
2.Ad Set
By clicking on these you will have all the respected things you looking for.

Screenshot - How to Create Campaign in Power Editor

Once you click on Create Campaign you will have a pop up of this.
Fill up all the required. You have the Campaign name, buying type, objective, Ad set name, Ad name.

Screenshot - Setting up Campaign name, buying type, objective, Ad set name, Ad name

Once you click on create after filling up all the required data then the page will look something like this.
When you click on the Campaign you will see the above image. You need to do no changes in this.

Screenshot - Setting up Budget of Instagram Ad in power Editor

The above image is when you click on Ad Set. Here you need to fill in your Budget, your Targeted Interest, Custom Audience, your Demographics.

Screenshot - setting up Interest and Demographics for Instagram Ad in power editor
This is the toolbar above the campaign. You can Duplicate your ads by clicking on it.

Screenshot - Finalizing Instagram Ads

After all, is said and done, when you are ready to run the ad. Click on the right-hand upper corner on review changes and you are good to go.

With the emergence of Instagram Ads and its viral updates, you can definitely do wonders. Remember it’s not the end once you run the ads and you have the audience coming in and engaging with your content, you need to remember the importance to always keep them engaged and happy. Give them the stuff to look and make them interact with you and your content. All the best with running your 1st Ad and let me know what are the situations you are stuck in I will be glad to walk you through it.

If you have any question or experiences please feel free to share it below.

How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Instagram has rolled its dices again.

In an outstanding way to encourage its users to create and share more content on Instagram, Instagram Stories has officially been rolled out, a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours.

Instagram stories appear right at the top of the feed, your followers will eventually see them without you needing to make another profile for your audience

It definitely solves a lot of problem for the people who love to post loads of content of everything and anything in their lives, but in a good way and not just bombing the account, as it a Big No- on Instagram

Instagram Stories will appear just above your feed. When someone has a colorful ring around their profile photo then there is a story that person has uploaded.

To view anyone’s story you need to just click on their profile photo, You will then be able to look at all the photos or videos that person has put up in the last 24 hours. These images/videos will play in the chronological order.

But remember the story with the images/video play in a chronological order but the stories on your feed will appear in the way you interact with the profile. The more you engage with any profile the more you will be seeing stories of the certain profile.

Once you have viewed a story there are certain things you can do, Like
swipe to go to another person’s story, you cannot like or comment on any story but you can check who has viewed your story and the people can comment but it will go to your Direct message only.

So chill no one to judge in public. 🙂

So the question that arises here is that How is Instagram Stories Beneficial for Business Profiles?

Well, read ahead to Find Out!

Instagram Stories is a new era which is viral but has to still figure out what more can be done with it. These are the few things that you can nail for your Business Profile on Instagram

You can use Instagram Stories For-

1. Behind the scenes-

You can post photos or video about behind the scenes as to what is happening in your company, all the fun, for example, anything regarding your personal life, be it your dog, family or personal hobby.

People get connected and feel present in a lively account.

2. Give Knowledge –

Short videos on what you can achieve with your company and what is the benefit they will get if they go for you.
Case studies of past success which they have achieved with your business. This point you can use as many times during the day to give out knowledge to your followers. The more content, the more knowledge, and the more knowledge the more trust.

3. Beat the algorithm –

Instagram shows your stories to the people in accordance to the engagement on it and not chronically. SO you need to post a lot of fun and unique story based content on your profile to be engaging in all your followers’ feed.

The more views you have, the more your stories are visible the more visibility the more people will bounce to your profile.

4.Q and A-

You can have a good interactive session with the people by asking them to question you anything about your business by direct messaging you. And you can answer each question by answering them by personally mentioning them in your next video.

This will help you interact and educate your followers and people who are interested but are not educated about you.
Interactive and exciting contests are also fun to do.

5.Add- On Promotion-

Lastly, the Instagram stories can be your add-on promotion funda. Example, you have scheduled a webinar and for the last minute enrollments, you can crash a small hyped video making them enroll. You have launched any sale or offer,you can at the last minute give the last Call through your stories.

Instagram Stories hasn’t done any update since its first move but we are expecting a whole lot of more dices to roll in.

That would be all for now regarding the Instagram Stories.

Let me know the ways you are using Instagram Stories.

Any new hacks on Instagram stories please feel free to share below in the comment now.