Top 5 Mind-Blowing Hacks To Nail The Best Caption


Instagram has it all!

Yes, it does. 2016 and Instagram and its viral news of user interface or multiple account usage. Instagram is now leading the Social Media train.

It is a visual platform and the best we all know. But what about the Caption that comes along with it.

If you are posting visuals, editing it and giving all your time in making it into a good and high-quality post, but don’t accompany it with a good and appropriate Caption. You are definitely losing a lot of targeted audience.

If you look at an image on Instagram while scrolling and take an interest in it and want to know what it is about, You look up. And Nothing. No Caption. So Period. I move on scrolling.

Captioning your image is equally important.

I will be giving you the 5 Most Mind-Blowing Hacks to create Instagram Captions.

This article will really get you changes in your Engagement.

Top 5 Hacks To Nail The Best Caption On Instagram-

1.Tell A Story-

It’s not important that your most attractive and high-quality posts will get you all the engagement and double tap to like it.
Keeping in mind we do use the caption on daily bases while posting on Instagram. Business profile or personal all profiles put captions.
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enrich your Instagram followers’ experience by telling the story behind your photo. After all, Instagram didn’t start out as a channel for professional photographers.
If your caption text has storytelling value, then any hashtags or emoji you add don’t look quite so distracting.

2.Ask A Question-

Do you think Instagram will generate money for you?
Ahh!! where should I comment about that?
Yes, asking a question in your caption is the best key to increasing your engagement. You will be answered in your comment section. So indirectly you will be increasing your engagement.

3.Think Before You Link-

This is simple. Instagram, as we know, does not have the link system in its app. It is available only in the Bio or the Website section.
So telling people to see your Bio and telling them to go somewhere is a risky task.
You need to know what are you making your audience do. If you are linking valuable stuff. Is your motive going to be solved if one clicks and goes to your required landing page?
It is important to think and link because you are sending your audience somewhere, from where one can deviate and go somewhere else so your posts lost its engagement and your motive was not solved because you did not link carefully.

So think and link.

4.Eye Sore Hashtags-

Going overboard with hashtags in your Instagram caption can also be an eyesore for your followers’ feeds.
You don’t want the excessive blue text to take away from your photo. Trust me it does take away.
This is one practice that many users have found effective is placing spaces or smaller characters, such as an asterisk or a period, to place the hashtags below the fold in the original caption, or even placing the hashtags in a separate comment.
You can try any part which works well for you.

5.Experiment With Emoji Hashtags-

Yes!! emoji hashtags are real on Instagram so use and experiment with the perfect set of emoji in your captions.
It’s fun and really cool to compile it in your caption it keeps the interest of readers and leaves them amazed in the most experimented way you have used them.

These are 5 most proven methods to optimise your Instagram Caption and do wonders in engaging with your followers and audience.

Try all out and let me know what is the best one that works for you.