Is Your Instagram Bio – Making Your Selling Point?


“1st Impression is the Last Impression”

Well, I guess you all have heard of this. Pretty much does apply to the fact that Instagram is following it really die-heartedly.

So this is truer than ever on Social Media.

Instagram Bios is the only write-up section your audience or followers stumble across when they fall prey to your Instagram Profile.

Do you know what does that mean? It clearly means that your Bio is really Crucial. To a great extent, the Bio in your Instagram is going to decide whether or not the user is going to follow you or not or going to click on that link in your Bio?

Deadline- You need to have the most compelling and good Instagram Bio. Especially the people building Business or Brands on Instagram you really don’t want to take the risk not to have an outstanding Bio.


Fig. Why is it Important to have A Compelling Instagram BIO.

Why is It Important To Have A Good & Compelling Instagram Bio-

Bio is the only write-up section that can explain what you and your business is. Instagram does not give any other section where you can explain your Profile motive and agenda.

Now Remember- Instagram has a limited number of characters that you can use in the Bio. 150 Characters only. So make sure you perform all your circus in that little box.

It’s really important that you make the best use of that writing section and give the most value to the audience coming to your profile.

If you don’t do so you will lose a lot of followers, those followers who can build your business or brand.

The reason why I am writing this article on Bio is because many people on Instagram don’t know the importance of it and use it just so randomly. Little do they know that it has the power just like any write up on any blog or Facebook post sales copy.

By the end of this article, you will empower the power of writing and be able to frame a really compelling bio which will generate you followers which in turn will lift your business or brand.


Let’s Start-

1. Who are you? What do you do? What is Unique about you?

Fig. The 3 ‘W’- Who are You? What do you do? What is unique about you?

I guess this point is something that is understandable by the heading. Keeping in mind that it’s really important for your followers or audience to know who they are looking at and what is so Damn unique about you?

So just an example- “Hi, I’m May, I’m 22yrs old, I am a Choreographer by profession, and last year I won the famous show So Do You Think You Can Dance”.

I perfect proof of what you do and what is your profession and a social proof as to why you are unique.

For Example, have a look at Insane Marketer’s Instagram Profile.
They Have Who Are You- Insane Marketers
What Do You Do- Instagram Marketing
What Is Unique About You- They teach Instagram Hashtag Research  in the most unique way.

Have a Look Below at the red boxes in the image.
Fig. Insane Marketers BIO With the 3 ‘W’

Now have a Look at another example. Acebeaute

She is one of my clients from the Niches Lashes. She sells fake lashes.

Have a look at her bio in the red boxes in the image.

Fig. Acebeaute’s Bio With- What they do? What is unique about them?


2. Make your Selling point-


Fig.Selling Point??

You and your brand or company should have their selling point clear to themselves. Why I am saying this is because to need to have it clear that what is your main selling point then only can you tell and explain your audience or followers what your Instagram Profile will give them.

You need to just strike out and tell them “Hi this is what is really cool about me”

For Example- I am a choreographer and I want my dance classes entries walking in, so I will tell them “ I am a Professional Choreographer and own my own Dance Studio and I have Entries Open so HURRY”

So there I went ahead and made my selling point to my followers.

For Example- Have look at the profile of Brian. He has his selling point clear. He is telling his audience tat he helps startups and guides them.

Have a look below the red box.
screenshot_4Fig. Brain .D. Evan’s Instagram Profile With his Selling Point

3. Get Personal-

Connection! And Personalising will take your profile to a whole new level.


Fig. Connect Personally! Its Important.

If you connect personally and have a really good rapoo with your followers you will have a lot of retained audience.

Now you don’t have to get all candid by telling people after you passed out after getting drunk and what did your friends do to you.

Just try giving something to the people that they expect the least from you.

Have a look at Insane Marketers Bio- They have the Slaves to beer, It’s personal yet not too overboard.


Fig. Insane Marketer’s Bio with Personal Connecting Lines

4. Copy Test-

Spy your competitors and track down all that they are writing in their bios


Copy them and re-phrase them and try your bit. Now By copy, I don’t encourage you to go and copy paste your competitor’s bio. You need to see what they are writing and what are the trigger words used by them.

With tracking, you need to also keep testing and checking what is working best for you. Split test by creating 4-5 bio and check what bangs the best.


Well if you are among the people who find emojis cutesy and use them a lot, then welcome. Emojis do wonders in Instagram bios. It even sometimes used really well in the Bio give out more clear information than the write-up.


Fig. Emoji Fact.

An emoji may not say a hundred words but if the character used well it can sit really tight in users heads.

For example- finger pointing to the link and saying click here now.

Have a look at @lovingnotworking  This profile has used the emoji really carefully to convey here the message and it also is supporting the CTA.screenshot_10

Fig. @lovingnotworking has used the Emoji to Support the CTA. Nice Move!

6. Don’t Forget the CTA-

You created a profile on Instagram and you have all the audience coming in. But what do you want your audience to do?

What’s the point when you are posting all compelling product content? Or you want to send them to like your Facebook Page, Or Sign up for a newsletter or any other action which aligns with your marketing goals.

Lol don’t panic. I am still talking about a CTA in your Bio. Well, this is how the CTA plays the role.

You need to tell your audience what are they supposed to do. Be clear and ask your visitor to take an action.

For example-

Have a look at this CTA of Violet Voss they are asking you to visit their shop. This profile has used the emojis to suppirt their CTA.

Look at the SHOP HERE this is a CTA- Call To Action.

Some more examples have a look at the images below.


Fig. CTA in Action in a Bio

Another example is of  The Mordern Marketer. The CTA here is JOIN THE CLUB NOW. A very good and really apt CTA.


Fig. A really Good Bio By The Modern Marketers

7.Trackable Link in Your Bio-

There is only one place where you can put a link where you want to send your visitors and that is the ‘website’ box in your bio.

This is one of the frustrations that Instagram people are dealing with. Since it’s the only place to add a link you need to be really well aware of where is the traffic going and how will you track it.

Well, you can make sure that the link you put in your bio is actually leading the visitors to a proper landing page where you want to actually send them.

You can keep changing your link in accordance to your requirement. You can inform your audience by telling them in the post’s caption section.

When you create your compelling caption you can just simply tell them ‘Click the link in The Bio”

I hope you know what I mean by ‘Compelling Caption’- If you don’t then go check this article out now!


Of course, it is important to your audience to see who you are.

So, add your name. This is a pretty standard and common component to creating a profile .

Remember- “Your name and username are the only fields that Instagram considers in search queries.”

Bios have always been where people get all paranoid and mess it up. Follow the above points and you will do more than good.

Let me know if you need personal from me to help you frame your Bio.

Just comment below and I will be here.