How To Attract 50 Targeted Followers Daily On your Instagram Profile

Generate Targeted Followers On your Instagram Proffile

Instagram- The King Of Engagement

Instagram now being the fastest growing social media platform, is becoming one of the most important marketing platforms for all the businesses and brands who are looking forward to generating leads or building their business on Instagram.

Instagram, the land of more than 500 million active monthly users and Engagement Rate of 2.3% Engagement Rate, surpassing Facebook at .2%

Instagram Engagement RateFig. Instagram Engagement Stats.


Instagram ain’t holding its horses!!

With All These Stats!

Still, Most Brands are drowning!

Why? The question is why are they drowning?

Most of the brands who are marketing on Instagram are doing it wrong.

But, I am not going to be the one take selfie or watch, while you drown.

People Now a days on social mediaFig. Selfie Time?- NO!

I have written this article to tell you about one of the most innovative and unique strategies of Instagram that made me personally Attract 50 Highly Targeted Follower PER DAY.

I am not going to just show you some case study or huge numbers like other people. I am actually going to show you step by step how I did it all.

So Guys, let’s get the ball rolling for your Instagram business profile!

Now listen up really carefully.

This strategy is no Game of Thrones suspense maker, it is a Simple yet, Tricky.

The trick is to get into your hashtags on Instagram, I hope you have your Hashtags Researched and ready, If not go ahead now and Research Your Hashtags For Your Business Profile Now.

Do it Now, So that you don’t miss out the benefits of your Instagram Research in the future and now.

So once you dive into your targeted hashtags you need to go and engage with the targeted audience.

Ok, now that sounds easy or a piece of a cake walk. But it is only easy if you follow the steps below well.

Now I said it’s a cake walk, but I didn’t say the cake didn’t have icing.

To get the best and most out of this strategy you need to do each step wisely and intelligently.

I am implementing this since years and now I can say I have a system which works best and gives the best results.

Just a heads up.

These steps have been made in the period of 2 years and have been tested over and over again.

These are steps which not only give you an average of 50 Highly Targeted  Followers Daily,  but it also helps you in building relation or a strong bond with our audience who eventually buy from you.

Steps To Get 50 Targeted Followers Daily-

Step 1: Researching Your Business Profile Keyword

Go to your Instagram Profile and search for the hashtags which define your business perfectly. By define, I mean the business keyword to your profile.

If you don’t know which hashtags to search or are clueless about your Instagram Business Keyword, then read this article first.

If you know your business Keyword then continue.

Fig. Search the hashtag in the Search Bar Of Instagram

For Example, I have a german shepherd profile and I see german shepherd products on this profile. So my business hashtag would be #germanshepherd because my market is around the people who own german shepherd or who are interested in german shepherd.

Other examples of my business hashtags for my german shepherd profile could be #gsd, #germanshepherdofinstagram, #germanshepherds

Look Below for more examples-

Fig: Some more examples of hashtags

Step 2: Discovering Content Under Your Business Keyword

Now click on the hashtag you just searched. Once you do that then you will be redirected to a page where you will see all the posts in which #germanshepherd has been tagged. You will notice 2 type of posts

  1. Top posts
  2. Most Recent posts

Fig. Top Posts and Most Recent in the highlighted Red Box

Step 3:

Start Liking the posts under the Most Recent section. Keeping a close look at the number of posts you are liking-

a) If your Instagram Business Profile has just started you should only start liking from 60-80 posts in an hour.
b) If your profile has a good amount of followers then you can like around 100-120 posts in an hour.

Example of an Irrelevant Post-

Have a look at the girl’s photo highlighted in RED in the image below.
It is an irrelevant and not at all related to my niche that is the german shepherd.

Fig. Above in the image, the Red Highlighted Box shows an Irrelevant Post.

Example of a Relevant Post-

Have a look at the image below you can see the highlighted red box in that you can see the german shepherds which is relevant to my niche.

Fig. Above in the image, the Red Highlighted Box shows a Relevant Post.

You also want to comment on the post you find really interesting.

But before you dive into Commenting on the posts, you need to keep Certain things in mind.

1. Don’t Sound or Look like a Bot or Automation Tool:

There are many bots and automation tools out there which people use on Instagram to comment on their behalf. You must have noticed that small comments like good, nice, lovely, beautiful etc are almost on each post on Instagram. These are automated posts and these does not carry any value either for you or for your audience. Most of the people are aware of that so you don’t want to fall under the categories of those tools.

You need to avoid sounding and commenting like those bots. You need to be real and personalized. Comment something which carries value for the profile on which you are commenting.

2. Type of comments you should use:

Second thing you need to do is that the comments that you post on your related posts need to be unique and personalized.

The Types of Comments you should use:

  1. Personalised
  2. Questions
  3. Compliments

You really want to be interested in the content you are commenting on. I insist on connecting and relationship builds through your comment because that is the reason you are going to get those followers. Also, a good relationship gets you sale, not random engagement.

Let me make this more clear to you, If I comment on your post in a personalized and connecting way then you are going to feel awesome. You might come back to my profile and if you find my content and profile interesting, you will follow me.

Again, make sure that your comments are connecting and interesting. You are in the fight of getting attention from your targeted audience and if you are not interesting enough then, believe me, they will never follow you.

Dos and DONT’s:

You need to be really careful when you are liking and commenting on the posts. You need to keep a track of the number of times you are doing it. If you are new to strategy then you want to keep the numbers very less.

In 1 hours try not to comment on more than 10 posts and like 80 posts and slowly with time you can increase this to liking 150 posts and commenting on 20 posts.

The reason why I am telling you to be careful with the number of times you like and comment is because usually Instagram starts detecting your activities and thinks you are trying to spam or you are using some bot. So, Instagram blocks your activity for a certain period of time which I bet no one likes. So be careful. Keep the limits in mind and Instagram will reward you.

Repeat this 10 times a day but again if you are just starting out then do this only for 8 times a day and then increase it gradually to 10 times a day.

Note: So if you repeat this 10 times a day then that mean that you will like on 1500 posts and comments on 200 posts. On an average, you engage with more than 1000 different profiles when you do this. SO what you actually did is that you grabbed the attention  of 1000 people who will come to see your profile and would follow you if they find you interesting.

Case Study-

Now I am going to show you one of my client’s sheet where I had done this hack and how I got results.

Below is the screenshot of the client that I did this Growth hack for. The niche was Cat.

Below I have added a screenshot my sheet in which I updated the follower’s increment while performing this strategy. I did this strategy for several months and helped her in getting thousands of followers. She had cat products and she wanted to attract people who own or are interested in cats.

So, I used hashtags which were related to ‘CAT’

Case Study of Instagram Like Comment StrategyFig. Report That I maintain while I performed this Strategy

I received an average of 40-50 followers every day and with this hack. My client attracted thousands of followers and got many sales out of it.

After all the data and stats of my Growth Hack, there will be a lot of questions that will arise in your mind like-

How will this strategy work on my profile?

Will this strategy block my account?

Will I actually get followers?

Let me hold your horses for you. This is a totally safe and organic strategy which has helped many of my clients, students, and readers. I have tested this for 2 years and I am continuously improving this strategy every day.

These are clients with a huge amount of digits in their business which they generate only from Instagram itself. So stay carefree and give this strategy a shot.
Let me know if you have any questions regarding any steps.

That will be all.

Let me know how does this hack work for you. Do reach out to me for any guidance.