Who would have thought that a rejected idea will become one of the most viral features of all major social media (excluding LinkedIn)?

In 2007, Messina proposed the idea of using hashtags to twitter. Folks at Twitter didn’t like the idea and rejected it. But, in October 2007, people started using hashtags in order to group similar minded people and since then the idea took off.

In 2009, twitter adopted the idea and started hyperlinking words with ‘#’ in the tweets. It went so viral that, till 2014, all the major social networks (excluding linkedIn) adopted the concept of hashtags.


If you have seen people using # in front of words (eg: #hashtags or #yourHashtag) on social media like twitter, facebook and Instagram then you know what hashtags are!

On social media, words with # are the way to group a topic together. Generally, the topic is related to the word used after #.

For Example: if you are using #NewYear in your Instagram Posts then your post of your profile is related to new year.


Note: I am discussing the idea behind the hashtags. But, most of the people on social media are using #hashtags in completely wrong manner.

That is why, below in this article, I have covered how to research and take out hashtags which actually matters to your business.

Hashtags are a way to find content, people, and discussion related to a specific topic. The reason behind its virality is that it connects your content to the targeted audience, even those, who are not connected to you on your Instagram profile. Think of each hashtag as a community, where people are discussing that topic.

For Example: If the hashtags are #germanshepherd then it is a community of the people who are somehow connected to german shepherd.

So, to spread their content to a larger audience, people use #hashtags.

FACT: Posts on Instagram with hashtags get higher engagement than posts without hashtags.


If you are someone who is still not using hashtags then you are leaving money on the table. People out there are finding content using hashtags. Creating communities, building business relationships and generating $$$$$$ out of it.


  1. People use hashtags to find content, people, and discussions.
  2. Hashtags give your content higher visibility.
  3. Bing, google, and yahoo has #hashtags searches in their algorithm. So, there are high chances that your content might get ranked on search engines for your hashtags
  4. Hashtags on Instagram also HELP YOUR FOLLOWERS to take action on your post. When your followers see hashtags, which interests them on your post then they stop and check the content of the post.
  5. High engagement posts might get on top-posts for the hashtags you attached in that post. You might also end up getting hundreds of new followers instantly.



  1. You can use hashtags to spy on your competitors. I use this all the time. I go on #instagrammarketing or #socialmedia marketing and I see what other people in my niche are posting. What strategies they applying.
  2. You can get ideas about what other people in your niche are posting. Hashtags are not just for engagements, they can be used to find and take out content as well. Once you start researching hashtags then you will find thousands of content which you can create for yourself.
  3. You can also search discussions and engage with your targeted audience. This will help you in building a community.

I always keep an eye on what my competitors in my hashtags are posting. This way I keep myself updated with the trends in my niche (i.e: Instagram Marketing).


I have seen this over and over that people are using hashtags but they are using them in the WRONG WAY. When you use a hashtags in your posts then you want your content to be reached to the RIGHT AUDIENCE.

I Repeat ‘When you use a hashtag in your posts then you want your content to be exposed to the RIGHT AUDIENCE.’

When I say the Right Audience then I mean audience who is interested in your product and could become your customer.


For Example- your business profile is on selling fake eyelashes, your hashtags should be #eyemakeup, lashes, lashesoftheday etc.

But if you’re using something random like #fashion, #makeup etc These are really broad and irrelevant hashtags which will get you wrong audience and expose your post or content to the people who are not entirely interested in eye lashes.

You should be specific about what hashtags you are using on your posts. Most of the people I see are using hashtags in completely wrong manner. That is why I created a method on Instagram to take out hashtags which actually matters to your business.

So hit Below the  Steps and Nail those Top 30 Hashtags for your Instagram Business Profile-


Identify your business and come up with a specific keyword(your niche) which can define your business.

For example:

If you sell german shepherd products online then ‘german shepherd’ is my keyword or niche.


Fig. My German Shepherd Business Profile


Step 2:

Open Excel or Google Sheet. I use google sheet because it is easy to access it on my all devices.

Change the name of the Sheet to ‘Hashtags Research’. Add these 6 heads to first row(image below)

  1. Main Keyword
  2. Posts
  3. List Search
  4. Related
  5. Final Hashtags

Next, add you main keyword in the first keyword in the way displayed below.



 Fig. Image of a Google Sheet That you need to Prepare. Watch out the Red High Lights.


Step 3

Once you created the sheet then go to search section of Instagram(mobile version) and search for the keyword you took out in the first step.

Touch on tags section just below the search bar to get the list of hashtags(image below).

For example I will search for ‘German Shepherd’.


Fig. Searching German Shepherd in the Instagram Search Bar.


Now, you will see a list of hashtags. Note down all the relevant tags in the sheet under the head of “LIST” .You don’t need to pick all of them.

NOTE: Pick only one which has the significant amount of posts (at least 10,000 posts).

In my case:



Fig. I have Copied The List From the Instagram Search to The Google Sheet.


Step 4 

Once you have noted down the hashtags then click on the hashtag you searched for. In my case, I will click on ‘#germanshepherd’.

Now, you will see all the post attached to the hashtag you just clicked on. You will also notice that Instagram will suggest you some related hashtags just above the top posts. Note all the new hashtags(non-repeated) in your sheet(image below) under the head ‘RELATED’.


Fig. Check Out the Related Hashtags in Red High Light.


If you scroll below, you will see a number of posts associated with that hashtags.Write that number in you sheet under ‘POSTS’ section (Image below).


Fig. Check out the Number Of Posts In that Searched Hashtag.


Note: In some cases, you might not see related hashtags. In that case, try another hashtag from the list.

Now you will have a list of hashtags which should look something like this.



Fig.  This is How your Sheet should Look like.


Step 5

Repeat Step 1 – Step 5 for all the new tags. Keep doing this and you will find many hashtags which are UNTAPPED and you can easily rank your posts in top posts for these hashtags.

All the searched hashtags are the hashtags which are actually relevant to your business.

Since you have the list of hashtags. So, now you want to finalize the hashtags you can use

  1. In your posts
  2. Spy on your competitors
  3. Research content
  4. Join Discussion
  5. Find Influencers

When I finished my research for #germanshepherd then I had 58 Hashtags which were relevant to my business. Now It was time to finalize 30 hashtags which I will regularly use in my posts.

For Reference, I am adding the link to the sheet on which I researched hashtags for German Shepherd.


Below are the criteria I use to take out my final list of hashtags.


Once you have the list then you want to remove all the useless hashtags from your post.

1. Make sure the hashtags you are using in your post are related to your posts and your business.

For example, if you are selling german shepherd products online then you should use hashtags like #germanshepherds, #germanshepherdofinstagram, #gsdove.

This way you will only attract the audience which matters to your brand. This audience will stay on your profile. They will engage and will buy from you.

2. This one is very important and I have seen that most of the people do this in the wrong way. Once you have your Hashtags Researched then you should make sure that you are not using very big and broad hashtags. For example, if you are selling german shepherd products and you use hashtags like #dog, #dogs then chances are that no one will see your post. #dogs have almost 24 million posts and if you use broad hashtags like this then your post will get obsolete in just a few minutes.

Not only this, you will also get many ghost/untargeted followers, who will neither engage with your content nor buy from you.

3. You should also avoid using very narrow hashtags. If your hashtags have less than 10,000 posts then you should avoid using it. Unless it is very specific to your brand/niche.

If nobody is using the hashtag you are attaching in your post then your content is not getting visible to anyone.

The best hashtags are the one which is in the neither too broad nor too narrow. Since, most of the people do not know which hashtags are right for them so, using this kind of hashtags will give you a lot of traction.

Take out 22-30 hashtags which fulfill the above criteria and start using them in your posts.

When I finished my research for #germanshepherd then I had 58 Hashtags which were relevant to my business. Now It was time to finalize Top 30 hashtags which I will regularly use in my posts.

Hope this 5 Step Process Of Instagram Hashtags Research Works wonders for you. Hope this was helpful to you. Let me know what more do you wish to see me write about.

Comment Below Now For Any Questions.


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