3 Keys To Million Dollar FB Ad for Startups

3 Key To Million Dollar FB Ad for Startups

You are a business owner with a great offer for your customers.

You have heard long and great things about this all new  and “most powerful “ form of advertising- FACEBOOK ADS.

You think to yourself, “Hey, its Facebook right- something I use everyday and i know my customers , so let me set up this kick ass ad campaign that’s gonna blow my sales through the roof “

Fast forward to 1000s of dollars wasted, countless hours and mediocre results- you are left wondering what went wrong.

Facebook advertising isn’t something that you can pick up one fine morning , but I have 3 things in store for you that will change this situation immediately .

Once you know these 3 tricks, it’s not so hard to create that successful ad every….single… time.

After running countless ad campaigns with crazy ROI and results we can confidently say that we have cracked the secret formula of  what the facebook scientists would refer to as  “ THE PERFECT CAMPAIGN” .

It’s basically the combination of these 3 things what we call as





Before i let you in on this trade secret, let me remind you to “KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL “.

Don’t forget the purpose of your ad.

It is easy to get lost in the confusion of all the things you will be doing and lose track of the actual purpose of your ad.


Not getting Leads
Not getting Conversions

Of course that doesn’t mean we should only hope for clicks.

But like I said, keep your eye on the ball and don’t forget your primary objective.

Trying to overdo everything with the ad itself will make you bite the dust.

So let’s keep it simple in the beginning , shall we ?

Now, back to the


3 keys, I was rambling about.



The first thing that you will have to do when it comes to your target audience is to grab the ATTENTION of the “mad scroller”.

Yes, people would be browsing facebook while sitting bored at their desk jobs, commuting somewhere or just scrolling through in general.

You will need them to stop scrolling, take a moment and look at your ad.

Now this is where the game begins.

The first and foremost thing you will need with an ad is to grab the “attention”  and hold it there.

Only if you are able to do this, your ad will stand out among a multitude of image that are on their newsfeed.

What this grabbing attention part can do for your ad is that, now that they have stopped scrolling, 1/3rd of the work is done.

Their eyes will now search around your ad be it the image or even the copy.

Here is where what you have written will make them compelled to take an action.

I will be getting to that topic soon.

The most important question right now that’s baffling your mind right now would be, How do I do this ?

Take a look at the image  below.

Some pretty gorgeous women right there, huh ?

We can be pretty sure that the majority provided they are men will definitely stop scrolling and you will have their attention.

But will you be able to hold it though ?

Unless you are selling bikini tops, these kind of images can come off as really spammy.

We have one simple trick that we use that helps us grab the attention of our audience a lot.

It falls along the line of a “PATTERN INTERRUPT “

We use “inverted” images or basically “grayscale” images when we want our audience to take note of our ad.

Here, have a look.

This is a carousel ad for a clothing product we ran for one of our clients.

You can see that the image is almost black with highly contrasting blue colours in between.

The majority of images on your news feed follow almost the same pattern when it comes to colouring and texture.

An image like this stands itself out amongst a crowd of other images and our brain can’t help but take a look at this a second time.

And there you have it, attention grabbed and held.


This is probably the most important part and yet the most neglected part by the majority of advertisers.

Most marketers see the ad copy as a place to showcase their excellent language skills and rhymes.

Although fun to read those rhyming words, that’s not the purpose of an ad copy.

The purpose is to make the customer move to such a stage where we want him to be.

The aim should be to ensure that your customer can relate with your product or brand just by the words you use.


Let’s look at these ads from the perspective of a customer that sees them.

The first question that will go through their head on seeing the ad would be “ Looks cool, but what’s in it for me “ ?

And that’s not surprising .
Why would they buy something they see randomly on social media ? Would you ?

The key is to create a rapport with your audience.

They are on social media looking for a reason and that is to establish some sort of connection.

If the ad copy is just about yourself and your product, your audience will feel no special need to click on it.

Writing your copy with respect to your audience rather your product will result in a chain of events happening.

First, your audience will automatically feel connected and aligned with what your brand or product stands for .

They will draw parallels between your brand and the problems they are facing in life

Secondly, this will result in them making an immediate action which can purchase or a lead because they automatically want to part of your brand, own it or somehow feel associated with.

This can lead to increased sales for you as well as an addition to your customer list somebody who strongly agrees with what you stand for.

An approach that we follow is the “Feel,Felt,Found” theory.

You can apply this for any of your product as in “ I know how you FEEL, I have FELT the same way till I FOUND xyz product”


What this would do is it instantly creates a rapport with your audience by addressing the problem they are facing and acknowledging it.

This is followed up by a testament that they aren’t alone and it is something experienced by others.

What this could do is internally make them to start think that are is a solution to whatever they are facing.

You seal the deal with introducing your solution or product to the problem they have been facing.

Here take a look,

This ad has successfully followed this principle into relating with the audience regarding the problem they are having and offering a solution.

Thus you take them on a smooth journey and establishes the rapport in the meantime.



We as advertisers often take it for granted that our audience are all tech savvy.

You would be surprised to know the a large number of them aren’t.

Few months back, we ran a video ad to a product and on of the the first comments on the post was “Looks really cool, where can I buy it ? “

What did I tell you ? Clueless.

It is our job to guide them and make their jobs easier as well.

So it is very important to include proper CTA- Call To Action with respect to each ad like “Click here to ______(Shop Now, Buy Now, Learn More,Sign Up Etc)

This will make sure that even the smallest section of your audience who aren’t sure about the course of action they should take after seeing your ad has a GO TO action that they can follow.

Based on the service or product you are offering the CTA can be placed accordingly and the click will ensure that they end up on your landing page.

Here take a look,

The ad copy is giving very clear reference as to the fact that it’s a cart reminder . The CTA of SHOP NOW  draws the attention towards the action you want your audience to take and click on it.

So next time you are hesitant about making FB ads because of previous experiences, keep yourself focused on the “A H A “ technique.

This will ensure that your target audience who is probably randomly scrolling away on Facebook at this very moment will see your ad, grabs his ATTENTION due to the pattern interrupt.

The compelling and focussed copy will ensure that you will manage to HOOK  your audience in the shortest time possible and gain their trust regarding your brand and product.

The right CTA button will ensure that they know what to do to take them to your landing page for necessary ACTION.